AIROFRESH® trial results to December 2016

Since April 2016 a number of trials/evaluations have been conducted with various products, all of which have shown substantial benefits: Strawberries, Broccoli, Apples, Pears, Persimmons, Limes and Potatoes.

Units are also being installed in:

  • Post-harvest storages to reduce farmer costs, increase storage life and quality. Remove molds, ethylene, fungus and clean high humidity water vapour.
  • Supermarkets to remove odour from fish, café areas.
  • Funeral Parlours in body preparation areas to remove odours and remove bacteria/virus.
  • Cheese Factories to remove airborne moulds to prevent contamination of cheese.

Results to Date

  1. South Australia – One room had Pink Lady apples stored as follows:
    • a) organic Pink Lady apples –no treatments
    • b) Pink lady with fungicide dip only
    • c) Pink Lady with fungicide + 1MCP

    See the results here

    This fruit was stored under CA for a period of 6 months and 3 days and on inspection when the room was opened, no visual difference could be detected.

    More information will be posted to the website once our researchers have completed the evaluation documents. This trial was extended for another 20 days to evaluate shelf life, again with only minor changes being observed in all three samples. The actual results will be released very soon.

  2. Following a trial with two units in 2015, one grower installed 18 units in 2016 and will run the same trials for another year to confirm that his results are a consistent year on year. Excellent results providing lower costs to growers, considerably less chemical application, excellent quality and freshness of the fruit.
  3. Victoria – Packham & Beurré Bosc Pears
    This grower had one room full of both varieties of pears that were dipped with fungicide and DPA.
    On the opening of this room some seven months later, the pears were in excellent condition, showing very little evidence of rots and no signs of any shrivel. Unfortunately, measurements were not recorded to verify the results obtained. This grower is still packing these pears and claims there has been very little change, which is quite outstanding for Beurré Bosc. This grower is overwhelmed with the results obtained and intends installing AiroFresh® in all of his rooms in 2017.
  4. Western Australia. There were five rooms placed with AiroFresh® units in 2016.
    One room had 280 bins of 3rd picked Pink Lady apple with the only treatment being, that they were dipped with Fungicide. They were stored in conventional storage for 5 months before being marketed. The assessment showed that the fruit was in excellent condition, with no signs of deterioration. In the growers’ opinion, it came out as good as it went into the room with no greasiness being evident. Under normal circumstances, this would not be possible as the fruit would be greasy and losing pressure. Measurements were taken today after nearly 8 months with pressures at 7kgs and 13 Brix. Full flavour and the good eating quality. There was evidence of odd rots but these were contained and were not active.
  5. This grower stored 250 bins Pink Lady in a room that had no dips and only stored under CA for nearly  8 months. The fruit was second pick Pink Lady and still had a greenish background. Pressures were recorded at 6.5. Kgs and sugar at 13° Brix. The fruit was sound and had good eating quality.
    Eating quality was good, being juicy and full flavour.
  6. This room contained 1000 bins of Pink Lady, with no 1-MCP, 120 bins were not dipped, 120 bins dipped with Calcium only and the remainder dipped with both calcium and fungicide.
    This trial is still ongoing as only the first 240 bins have been packed with only a minor variation between not dipped and dipped with calcium, but were from different orchards. Once this room is completed we will have more knowledge, but it is looking very promising.
  7. This room contains 1000 bins of Granny Smith with no 1-MCP. 120 bins have not been dipped, 120 dipped with calcium only and the remainder dipped with fungicide and DPA. This room will not be opened until early January.
  8. This room contains 600 bins of Rosy Glow with no 1-MCP and will not be opened until early January. This room contains various treatments with some fruit undipped.


On experience to date, the results without the use of 1-MCP or post-harvest dipping have been very promising. The positive results are building and more will be available as other rooms are opened and assessed.

There is are also substantial results showing suppression of the development of rotting organisms (spores) whereby rots have not developed (‘Dry rot’) and spread to other fruits.

Trial work on strawberries has proven to be very beneficial as has limes to stop yellowing and persimmons keep extremely well under AiroFresh®. The inhibition of sprouting on processing potatoes has been very significant.

The Pink Lady apples below had only a fungicide dip and no other treatments. Stored in a conventional air stored room and were still in a sound condition with no signs of any greasiness.


Disclaimer: AiroFresh International Pty Ltd (the manufacturer of AiroFresh®) and Agri Technology bvba (distributor) warrant that the information contained herein is for discussion and research purposes only. No warranties, guarantees or undertakings are provided or inferred. Due to the variations in a cool room and other storage facilities all liability is held by the grower in undertaking any storage methods being the subject matter of this discussion paper.