Evaluation of air disinfection equipment during cool storage of strawberries

Executive Summary AgFirst Australia P/L commissioned Agriculture Research Division, DEDJTR to test an air disinfection system for cool storage of strawberries (Fragaria...

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The efficiency of the AiroFreshTM unit in replacement or reduction of chemical usage in long term storage of fruits

‘Cripps Pink’ apple has been extensively marketed under the name Pink Lady®. There are two mutations of ‘Cripps Pink’ called Rosy Glow...

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AiroFresh 1000 Health and Safety Statement

Dr Alena Janovska

Although environmental pollution had been taking part of human life for a very long time (at least since people started using fire...

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Test resultaten AIROFRESH® van april 2016 tot december 2016

Tijdens de periode van april tot en met december 2016 zijn vele proeven en evaluaties met de AiroFresh® technologie op verschillende producten...

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Proeven uitgevoerd met de AiroFresh®1000 op aardbeien, verse boontjes, suikermaïs en broccoli. (vertaling)


Het doel is om na te gaan of de werking van de AiroFresh®1000 enige invloed heeft op het verlengen van opslag duur...

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