AiroFresh® reduces the losses caused by rot and weight reduction during storage.

Ethylene is the biggest concern for fruit storage. It is an issue of the first order.  But other factors such as weight loss and rot usually pass under the radar during storage. Most growers do not realize how much revenue loss they have.

To measure is to know!

For three consecutive years, Lenswood Coop (Adelaide Hills South Australia) observed the weight loss and % of rot between a batch of fruit without the AiroFresh® Technology (control) and one with AiroFresh®.

Cold store: 250m³ – 1 AiroFresh® 1000 – 70.000kg – storage time: 6 months

APPLES– market price of 12/02/2018

Rot control 4% – AiroFresh® 2% rot             70.000kg*0.02= 1.400kg*0.706= €988,40

Weight loss control 4% – AiroFresh® 2% –   70.000kg*0.02=1.400kg*0.706= €988,40

Control revenue loss                 €1.976,80


PEARS – market price 12/02/2018

Rot control 8% – AiroFresh®2% rot             70.000kg*0.06=4.200kg*0.534= €2.242,80

Weight loss control 4% – AiroFresh® 2%     70.000kg*0.02=1.400kg*0.706=   €988,40

Control revenue loss                  €3.231,20

Other storage trials made have shown that a post-harvest treatment with fungicides or 1-MCP can dispensed or not used.

Trial result for 300 palox.










Packham’s and Beurré Bosc pears – impeccable quality after 7 months storage with AiroFresh® and without the use of fungicides or 1-MCP.