The AiroFresh® the solution for the many storage problems for TULIP bulb and cut flowers that occur during storage

January 4 , 2017

Growers have to overcome many hurdles in order to be able to supply good quality produce.

Disease problems of all kind, ‘zure bollen’ which produce masses of ethylene during storage, etc. cause a lot of financial and economic loss. Market share can evaporate due to waning consumer confidence!

The classical way to keep the ethylene levels below the damage level (100ppb) is done by ventilating the storage rooms at a very high frequency. The yearly electricity bill due to continuous ventilation is huge.

On top of it, bringing in the new fresh air brought in from outside, new VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) can enter and increase the disease pressure in the storage room.
The AiroFresh® removes the ethylene far below the 100ppb limit.

In contradiction to the classical way, there is NO ventilation necessary. AiroFresh® gives the best results when the storage room is not ventilated.
AiroFresh® destroys airborne particles (VOC’s) including germs, virus, fungus, moulds and petroleum by-products.
It purifies as well the VOC’s present in water vapour.

I am confident that AiroFresh® is a ChangeMaker for the Tulip Industry.

Roger VE