Reefer-Fresh – AiroFresh® trial project

February 1 , 2017

Subject: AiroFresh® “carrier” shipping container in trial of fruit, vegetable and ornamental preservation with the help of AiroFresh® technology.

It is a photo catalytic unit based on unique processes and not a corona discharge ozone generator as currently is popular. The AiroFresh® air flow cleansing rates are superior and safe relying on reactions within the confines of the unit.


  • specially designed an AiroFresh® unit for the purposes of installing in “Carrier” refrigerated containers.
  • To provide appropriate electrical assistance in product design and fitment.

AiroFresh® is an Australian patented new technology. This unit is made to constantly clean internal enclosed atmosphere. For three years we have installed AiroFresh® in many cold storages in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia.
Our units easily cater for controlled land based storages for more than 60 days. Allow for transport of mixed fruit and vegetables without cross contamination with extension of standard shelf life.


  • Removes fungus, mould, ethylene and other contaminants.
  • Not an ozone corona discharge unit.
  • No need for ventilation during voyage
  • Very cost effective to operate and maintain.
  • Two units installed in each container for redundancy in case of a failure
  • Very little power draw each unit is 1 amp
  • Light, portable, robust 1.2mm 304 stainless steel construction
  • Requires annual service of lamps and coatings.


  • Each unit is engineered to fit in the side panels, either side of the carrier air conditioning unit. No intrusion into the storage space.
  • Professional fitting of the units.
  • Units secured by one bolt top and bottom of each unit (4 bolt holes) that will be fitted with stainless steel bolt fillers are the end of the trial.
  • A power take off will be taken from the main switchboard designed by the electrician and our engineer.

We believe this is a high volume unit opportunity to enable more cost and quality produce efficient transport in the reefer industry.

Editor RVE