Long term storage of organic or residue free fruit with the help of the AiroFresh® Technology.

Long term storage of organic or residue free fruit with the help of  AiroFresh® Technology.

 Summary of an article written by researcher Dr.Alena Janovska 22/01//2017 (Testimonials website www.agritechnology.be)

Storage trial Rosy Glow (Pink Lady®) apples

Storage regime: CA O2 @1.5-3% and T° 2-3°C. Relative humidity: 75%

Storage in a sealed room – start 29/04/2016.

Treatment trial on 3 groups of fruit:

  • Group 1 – apples treated with two fungicides (Scholar and Roval®) and 1-MCP (SmartFresh)
  • Group 2 – apples only treated with 2 fungicides (Roval® and Scholar)
  • Group 3 – organically grown fruit, no chemical treatment at all, only AiroFresh®.

The 3 groups are placed in the same storage room. After 6 months and 3 days (1/11/2016) fruit has been randomly taken from the 3 treatments.

Brix               flesh firmness in kg/cm²

Group 1 –      15.9%                 8.13

Group 2 –      16.3%                 7.47

Group 3 –      15.3%                 7.46


Given the fact that no substantial difference between chemically treated and organic apples were found can we conclude:

  • The organic fruit retained high sugar contents,
  • and the flesh firmness,
  • thus a high quality of products when only AiroFresh® unit was employed during the long-term storage.

These results have been confirmed for 7-8 months of storage in Manjimup Western Australia. No loss of quality has been found.

Taste, excellent compared with the fruits treated with 1-MCP as it blocks the development of the flavonoids during storage. Even for pears the taste difference for fruit with or without 1—MCP is even more remarkable.