Growth – Substantial production increase

Thank you for the opportunity to provide information regarding our AiroFresh Intl technology atmosphere processing greenhouse trial. This is the commercial trial of our developed and adapted cold storage technology. While we have successfully concentrated on cold storage atmosphere gas feeding of stored produce. This atmosphere processing approach to enhance growth at all stages including production indicates improvements of 40 to 80% productivity. No additional chemicals, organically registered, no CO2 system fitted, cheap to install and run.

The greenhouse for trials 70 meters x 75 meters with an average height of 3.5 metres providing an internal atmosphere of approximately 18,375 cubic meters.

Roof opening and closing systems are fitted to assist in temperature control.

AiroFresh Intl – an atmosphere management system that destroys fungi, mold, bacteria, viruses, flying pests, and gases including ethylene. Protecting the greenhouse crop and produce from airborne and waterborne (humidity) contaminants. Deriving required essential nutrient gases from the storage atmosphere from processes detailed in this paragraph. No added chemicals, organically registered.

Mold is a particular concern in greenhouses due to the humidity and density of plant growth. Airofresh Intl technology destroys fungi and mold thereby enhancing facility integrity.

Ethylene gas is an airborne volatile organic compound (VOC) cumulative gas that is lighter than air. If not eliminated. Ethylene gas causes rapid ripening and maturing of products, which significantly reduces their shelf life and quality. If you’ve noticed your food waste increasing, ethylene gas is the probable invisible culprit you need to control.

Keeping the greenhouse atmosphere sterile and clean is an important part of a healthy environment. Airofresh destroys contaminants and keeps the air and humid atmosphere clean. Water vapor can be an important source of contamination and is also subject to the effect of the Airofresh Intl processes.

Operating 24/7 the units constantly destroy VOC’s and keep the facility atmosphere clean. Especially during periods when the roof venting is closed to maintain temperature and indoor ethylene and mold levels rise the necessity increases to keep the internal airflow clean.

This is not an ultraviolet, catalytic nor ionizing technology although some aspects of the processes include some of these attributes.


AiroFresh Intl benefits and enables:

  • Fungi and mold produce spores to multiply. Airofresh Intl destroys these airborne spores destroys such contaminants.
  • Ethylene gas and other biological gases produced by the crop enhance ripening and increase rots. Atmospheric ethylene and other gases are destroyed by Airofresh Intl enabling more available produce to market. Keeping the plants in better condition.
  • Insects such as (white-fly) very small flying insects can make tomato plants weak and more susceptible to disease. Airofresh Intl destroys white-fly and other very small flying insects.
  • Virus and Bacteria. Airofresh Intl’s recent University testing shows an extremely efficient capability to destroy the MS2 virus. A globally recognized surrogate test for SARS-CoVid-2. Being proven capable at very small particle levels of 0.01nm enables our capability to issue a certificate of growing and storage in “Virus Protected Hydroponics” or “Virus Protected Storage” and “Virus Protected Transport”.
  • AiroFresh Intl processes the atmosphere and has discovered that prolonged exposure of plants to a sufficient level of our unique capability activates the uptake and metabolism of essential nutrient gas that fuels plant growth, development, and contaminant resistance. Introducing a unique safe gas-phase approach maintained at constant levels (AAT Research testing). Produced by the Airofresh Intl module from the atmosphere, not a stored component exuding it. The effect on plant growth and ethylene inhibition at these levels is most useful and beneficial in growing environments and post-harvest storage. The growth, production, and disease resistance results are very impressive.
  • Gas-phase plant absorption (feeding) was derived from this same approach we have adapted from our very successful stored produce activities. Plants are enhanced in all activity of growth and storage by this approach. Feeding the produce/plant with gas-phase essential nutrients.

Generally: AiroFresh Intl technology enables high-value oxidizers (“O-”, “OH- “and
“H+”) within our module, from a series of processes in any temperature atmosphere. Partly derived from water vapor by our unique processes. Enables increased atmosphere plant growth effects. Prolonged exposure of plants to a sufficient level of this safe unique atmosphere, activates the uptake and metabolism of essential nutrients, fueling growth and development growth triggers.

Foliar uptake occurs via stomatal and non-stomatal pathways as a gas. Converted, either chemically or enzymatically to enable higher growth capability. Prolonged exposure of plants to a constant sufficient level activates the uptake and metabolism of essential nutrients.

The optimal concentrations provide visible confirmation in leaf and plant development. The duration of exposure should be continuous to maintain growth nutrient benefit. The increase in shoot biomass in response is always accompanied by an increase in total leaf area in all plant species.

AiroFresh Intl sterilizes the atmosphere, destroys ethylene gas, enhances atmosphere composition without the addition of chemicals, and provides an improved environment to enhance crop growth, crop protection from disease, and extended shelf life and quality. Our research results enabled a 40% increase in production capacity. The fruit was not larger but far more prolific in number.

AiroFresh Intl Trial

The Trial Facility

The trial facility is aged but in reasonable condition with existing ceiling fans, occasionally used. The construction is a steel structure with plastic covering. Automatic temperature-driven roof ventilation. No matter the age of the greenhouse, if the water supply is excellent quality and the atmosphere is kept clean and damaging gases removed. The age of the walls, floors, and ceiling does not matter.

The control and AiroFresh treated greenhouses;

  • do not have carbon dioxide or ammonia system technologies
  • no heating other than the natural greenhouse effects
  • rarely used ventilation fans
  • same plants, water supply, growth mechanisms, and room furnishings
  • no water reverse osmosis (RO) water filtering

Ten AiroFresh AF1000 units were fitted to the facility running continuously enabling processed airflow of 125 cbm per hour each (1250 cbm) per hour collectively.

Our experience in other trials of varying types and produce is being replicated here. A clear and noticeable lack of odor in the AiroFresh fitted facility. The air is clean and free of small flying insects. Our pre-trials show AiroFresh Intl technologies installed this year should make a very considerable difference. Uplift of production volume in the range of 40-80% based on pre-trial research is expected. The future pictures will show the results.

AiroFresh introduces a low cost to acquire and run capability, not previously available. Constant long-term atmosphere plant nutrients, 24/7 to feed the fruit leaves, stems, and produce. Safe working environment, including “mold and virus protected air zone”.

More produce, great quality, and longer shelf life.

More produce, great quality, and longer shelf life.

5 August 2020 Control

Control 140mm height with average Airofresh plant size 200mm height with foliage dense foliage

Airofresh Fitted


21 August 2020  inspection, being 16 days since the last inspection. The plants were inspected (day 43) since installation as seedlings on 8 July 2020.


AiroFresh Fitted

21 August 2020 inspection

Control 380mm height with average foliage dense foliage

AiroFresh plant size 460mm height with verage foliage density.


Notation: Flowering evident with tomato buds present. The grower trims the buds to 5 tomatoes per bunch. In the next visit closer attention to bunch numbers. There is some early evidence of higher numbers of flowering branches on the AiroFresh plants.Summary: Clear evidence of a considerable difference between the two rooms. The proof will be in the resulting produce yields moving forward.


28 August 2020 (51 days from planting) Attended facility for inspection. Pictures display the present state of the crops. Defined substantial growing tomatoes on all plants in the AiroFresh rooms

Airfresh Room: This is the Airfresh room with considerable grown in advance of the Control. Technical measurements will be taken as schedules next week. All plants showing definded properly formed tomato buds.

Control room: still mostly in flowering stage. Some early buds early buds observed. Plant growth/maturity considerably less.


4 September 2020 (day 58) since installation as seedlings on 8 July 2020. Attended at Sacca Farms with HVAC specialist Matt. These pictures display the present state of the crops. Defined growing tomatoes on all plants growing in the room with very few exceptions. Atmosphere testing indicated The atmosphere generated nutrient levels


AiroFresh Intl

Control plant size 630mm height with dense foliage

AiroFresh plant size 700mm height with dense foliage

4 September 2020 (day 58) – (BELOW) Most noticeable of the inspection was the definite bigger crop size in the AiroFresh room. This room had some sizeable bigger plants which we did not use as our test plants. We used plants more on the conservative side in the room. The other was tomato fruit formation which was obvious and well underway in the AiroFresh room. Most plants in the Control did not yet have formed fruit. The smell was less pronounced in the Airofresh room than in the Control.


Control facility to the right is obviously less dense. Mainly still in flower with some early stage fruit development. I suspect yield will be less noticeable in this room also.Water: Both facilities are using the same water source being an acive energy water system. Being water processed through electric and magnetic fields.

No reverse osmosis (RO) or filtering.


4 September 2020 (day 58) – Ten AiroFresh units have been fitted throughout this space of approximately 20,000 cbm. The units were checked and in good operating condition.


LEFT: Outputs: Measurement of atmospheric nutrients were confirmed as expected, given the presence of the AiroFresh Units. Confirming their operational activity. No pests, mildew, or botrytis present.


18 September 2020 (day 72) since installation as seedlings on 8 July 2020. Attended at Sacca Farms. These pictures display the present state of the crops. Defined growing tomatoes on all plants growing in the room with very few exceptions. Control small fruit. Airofresh room mature product a week or two from picking. The size of the stem, leaves, and flowering fruit-bearing branches (1 -2 more on each AiroFresh plant) Atmosphere testing indicated continuous sustainable nutrient levels in the AiroFresh room. Consistent constant maintenance as per prior readings. “O” zero in the Control. The results on many levels are outstanding.

AiroFresh – Atmosphere nutrients – sustained
Control – Atmosphere nutrient – zero


AiroFresh room 1100mm
Control 900mm


18 September 2020 (day 72) since installation. The control room plant is much smaller in all respects including fruit size and maturation. Research indicates the fruit size will be a standard size but far more prolific which is occurring. The AiroFresh room plants are far more robust in stem, leaf, product size. The nutrient level is constant and reflected in differentials.


AiroFresh produces sizable, greater volume and 1 – 2 more productive branches per plant. Atmosphere nutrient levels sustained. Negligible room odor.

Control Plant and produce normal size but smaller, less productive in all respects including size. No atmosphere nutrients. Room odor obvious.



11 October 2020 (day 95) since installation as seedlings on 8 July 2020. These pictures display the present state of the crops. Defined growing tomatoes on all plants in both rooms. The control room has standard size fruit but much smaller and less prolific compared to the AiroFresh room and is much more mature. The size of stem, leaves, and flowering fruit-bearing branches (1 – 2 more on each AiroFresh plant). Atmosphere testing indicated continuous sustainable nutrient levels in the AiroFresh room. “O” zero atmosphere nutrient in the Control. The results while expected are confronting the difference between the two rooms. The volume of produce prolific in the AiroFresh room.

AiroFresh – Atmosphere Nutrients – sustained
Control Room Nutrient – zero


AiroFresh room 1100mm
Control 900mm


11 October 2020 (day 95) since installation. The AiroFresh room plants in all respects are much bigger, healthier. Fruit size is of good size (as expected) but far more volume (40%) pending the first weight reading from picking. Maturation is far more advanced. The AiroFresh room plants are far more robust in stem, leaf, product size. The nutrient level is constant and reflected in differentials.

AiroFresh Room
Control Room


AirFresh produces sizable, greater volume and productive in all 1-2 more productive branches per plant.
Control the normal size (smaller, less) productive in all respects. Including the size of plants and fruit.


Developments to date clearly show the benefit of constant 24/7 application of gas-phase atmosphere essential nutrient feeding. The same approach we now adopt to stored produce. A very low-cost high productivity capability has unfolded. The floors are showing trimmings as these pictures were done during this process. The floors are normally very clean.

Notes cont -2-.
In these growing environments the plants, leaves, stems, and produce in the Airofresh room are prolific. Clearly demonstrated in the pictures. The “Control” in the normal greenhouse atmosphere is far behind. I am told the Control room is a normal result as prior years. The nutrients in all other respects other than atmosphere processing have been the same, for both rooms.

In an unexpected development, we were advised today that both rooms suffered from tomato canker last year. A loss of 40% of the fruit load in 2019. This problem has now returned to the control room and detected on two plants that have been removed.

The offending Canker affected plants (2) having been removed. The AiroFresh room has no fungi or bacterial disease. We now decided to embark on addressing the control room disease. The grower is most concerned and will lose the room. We have decided to install AiroFresh units in the control room. To take advantage of this opportunity to test the capability to save this infected room. Also to enhance the control room growth as has now been proven commercially capable in the AiroFresh room.

The AiroFresh room has no sign of disease and the condition of the fruit and plants is exceptional. Another evident difference is very little odor. There is almost no odor of tomato in the AiroFresh room. This is usually an indicator of ethylene. The control room odor is most evident.

The future information collection will be monitoring disease development in both rooms. Noting the condition of the plants, leaves, and produce. Being able to protect from the Canker risk will be an interesting development.

With picking due in the next week or so the differential in production from the first pick will be an important viability and value evidence. Whilst we state a visual >30% differential I believe this is a large understatement.

We could not be more pleased with the result in our AiroFresh room and hope you appreciate the video presentation to this point. Link below.

23 October 2020 (day 107) since installation as seedlings on 8 July 2020. These pictures display the present state of the crops.  The first crop pick has taken place. A total of 24 pallets of produce was picked being 10 boxes from the control room and 14 boxes from the Airofresh Intl room.

The control room has become noticeably more healthy in plant size including color. The canker in the issue that was detected on two plants that were removed has not returned. There is now no sign of any plant disease at all.

The AiroFresh room is considerably more advanced in all respects including the 40% greater fruit load. Clearly visible and measure from the first pick difference in volumes.

During this inspection, we had two other growers, one a National grower and the other a large local grower. Both were initially reserved upon inspection of the control room. The statements made upon inspection of the AiroFresh Intl room was “very impressive”. Both invited growers have a meeting with a view to installing the technology in their facilities.

Reduction of atmosphere nutrient reduced by one third. Unit’s direct output remains the same. The hypothesis is the large plants are now absorbing more atmospheric nutrients.

Control Room Nutrient – sustained the same level as

Airofresh – Atmosphere Nutrients – sustained
AiroFresh room, due to installation of units


23 October 2020 (day 107) since installation The AiroFresh room plants in all respects much bigger, healthier. Fruit size is a standard good size, but far more volume of about 40% from the first pick of the season. Maturation is far more advanced. The AiroFresh room plants are far more robust in stem, leaf, product size. The nutrient level is constant and reflected in differentials.

23 October 2020 (day 107) since installation. The AiroFresh room plants in all respects are much bigger and healthier. The first pick was as expected with a much higher volume from the AiroFresh room but the real stand out is the health and condition of the plants. We were enthused with the Sacca facility as it is a very uncomplicated setup. Some may suggest a more commercially realistic environment would have been a better test but we decided a setting with as few external contributors as possible was best to measure “just” the AiroFresh difference. No additional heating systems, no controlled atmosphere systems, and no RO water supply. Water and nutrient supply all from the same source. Produce and fittings including furniture are all the same. The roof systems for venting heat are automated in both rooms. Fans are rarely used due to the time of year and weather conditions generally cooler.
The AiroFresh units are run constantly using approx 1.2 amps of power each contributing 125cbm per hour of airflow in the upper region of the room. Ten units fitted to each 2000 cbm of space. There was a slightly higher production level in the back half of the room and we hypothesize this may be due to airflow inconsistencies due to room design and worker access doors.

The weight and volume information from the first pick supported our testing data expectations. While the result was at the lower end of our 40-80% yield expectation, a small uplift in the number of unit placements will be tested in future plantings, to increase yield outputs. Further picks will also be monitored for variations.

Longevity will be the subject of attention as our pre-trial tests and research indicated a 30% increase in shelf life. This is at the lower end of our traditional cold storage facility work with our technology.

Waste in the AiroFresh room was minimal with fewer size variations. Produce considerably more consistent than the control. This will be weight measured incoming picks.

In all a most pleasing result. The plant health is the most obvious outstanding feature with the control room moving ahead considerably since AiroFresh placement. The canker is no longer evident and has not returned. No molds or other disease indicators evident in either room now.

9 November 2020 (day 124) since installation  The AiroFresh room plants are in all respects bigger, healthier, disease-resistant, and productive. Fruit size is excellent along with colour, and firmness. The taste is excellent and the volume remaining >40% more than the control.

Since the AiroFresh units were installed in the control room, the plants have visibly enhanced in size, health and no virus or mold present. The Canker in the room has not returned to date and the fruiting condition is excellent.

Gas-phase essential nutrient levels remain constant and misting is now being used to assist temperature control. The AiroFresh units were developed in a high humidity atmosphere and are not affected in function.