ETHYLENE removal with potassium permanganate chemical scrubbers

Like all chemical application, they commence wearing out from the moment they are applied. Think about the logic of this statement. The same as your automobile starts to get dirty after you clean it. It is true. Fungicides deteriorate from the application as they do their job. You will get tired as the day wear on.

Chemical ethylene scrubbers are no different. The research shows an example of potassium permanganate scrubbers that last about 2 weeks. This is one of the reasons AiroFresh® is so efficient. It constantly, 24/7 renews its capability and can last in long term storage doing the same job, day after day.

J. AMER. SOC. HORT. SCI. 129(3):433–438. 2004.

Efficacy of Potassium Permanganate Impregnated

into Alumina Beads to Reduce Atmospheric Ethylene

Examination over 20 days showed a continuing decrease in the rate of ethylene removal which after 14 days had declined to 10% of incoming ethylene although 44% of the original level of potassium permanganate still remained in the beads. Calculations based on known endogenous ethylene production rates suggest that at 20 °C and 90% RH, use of a potassium permanganate-alumina absorbent would be beneficial with produce having a low level of ethylene generation. Suitability for larger packages of produce generating higher ethylene levels is questionable as >1 kg of absorbent may be required.


Fig. 2. Change in the efficiency of removal over time of ethylene added to a flowing air stream at 14 ìL·h–1 by potassium permanganate impregnated alumina beads(1 g). Values are the mean of three replications.




Oxidant Oxidation Potential, V

Atomic Oxygen


2.8 – AiroFresh®

Hydroxyl radical 2.8 – AiroFresh®
Ozone 2.1
Hydrogen peroxide 1.8
Potassium permanganate 1.7 – present ethylene scrubbers
Chlorine dioxide 1.5
Chlorine 1.4


AiroFresh®: a high capability air purifier (ethylene scrubber) which is self-cleaning and continually renewing the vitality of operation 24/7 throughout long term storage periods. It does not deplete in efficiency.