Cannabis, odours elimination by the use of the unique AiroFresh® technology.

Odours issues are in the Cannabis industry a daily discomfort. In some cases, the neighbours of a Marijuana farm do complain as they fear that their property will lose value. The actual systems like carbon filters and other odour systems applied are costly and labour intensive.  AiroFresh® technology is a plug and go system without filters.

AiroFresh® purifies and sanitizes the air which is passing by the unit. It is 100% organic as no chemicals are used. This patented technology does not have capture or store filters.  AiroFresh® destroys contaminants and is self-cleaning.  AiroFresh® Technology is based on a unique Advanced Oxidation module to eliminate pathogenic and non-pathogenic contaminants.

Our technology removes unpleasant odours, cleans the environment of toxic gasses and makes breathing easier. These results in working conditions that are safe and more pleasant to linger.