AiroFresh® BCU

January 2 , 2017

In Australia Rest homes and Fitness centres that introduced the AiroFresh® BCU are very satisfied as the air is pristine and without contaminants or dust.

Today’s Fitness has involved into more than just a place to get fit. It is more and more part of a lifestyle. To stand out against the competition, an investment in the consumer experience is necessary to earn and keep the membership business thriving.

Sweating at the gym is normal and essential of any workout. But excessive body odour might become offensive and make your clients uncomfortable.

The AiroFresh® BCU is the solution to purify and sanitize the air in your gym. The AiroFresh® BCU is an opportunity to live life without breathing the contaminants, odours of others.   The AiroFresh® BCU is capable to remove and destroy odours, germs, bacterial and fungal spores within the air, without the use of chemicals. Even dust particles are captured and destroyed.

By choosing the AiroFresh® BCU is one way a fitness centre can distinguish themselves against other facilities is by practising the use of the AiroFresh® BCU air purification and sanitizing technology.

By choosing the AiroFresh® technology you can create a mood and help to increase brand recognition with your members.

The installation: plug and go system.

Consumption: 1,1Amps – 220/240 Volt or 110Volt

Weight: 22 kilograms

Dimensions: 146.5*42.5*38cm

The air capacity of the ventilator is 120m³/hour

Air treatment capacity is 1000m³. This corresponds with +- 300m² floor space.

After 8000hrs maintenance is necessary to maintain optimal functioning.