AiroFresh®1000 Extended the solution for working in Post Mortem conditions

January 2 , 2017

In South-Australia the AiroFresh®1000 Extended is present in most funeral parlors. They tend to place them in their body preparation rooms or the refrigerated body storage rooms.

The AiroFresh®1000 Extended is an AiroFresh®1000 by adding an activated carbon filter.

Where people are working it is prudent to clean the air and remove the large particle dust first.

The large particle dust is firstly sterilized by the process caught in the carbon filter and then destroyed by the action of AiroFresh® over time.

Not only AiroFresh® cleans the enclosed atmosphere but removes the large particles also.

In fridges do not use the carbon filter.

The AiroFresh® eliminates all odours and makes the working environment much pleasant with the air being crisp and fresher.