AiroFresh® technology cleans and “cleans” not only the air but also its environment.


16 juin 2017

In general, the humidity and air temperature conditions in the storage chambers are favorable for the development of molds. This causes the undesirable presence of mold and dirt on walls, ceilings, condensers, evaporators and all other objects present.

This means a cleaning cost to meet the required hygiene standards. In practice, we have two cases where the technology of AiroFresh® has been applied with great satisfaction.

A store on the farm had the need to clean his shop every 3-4 months to eliminate mold and grow dirt on walls and ceilings. Now after 7 months of presence of the AiroFresh® his shop is still Spic and Span.

In another case, the same problems arose in the area where fruit and vegetable orders are prepared. Since the introduction of AiroFresh®, the device keeps the environment clean and sterile.