AiroFresh Impact to white mould on Classic Cheese


  • Air plates indicate that total yeast and mould within the room has declined during our trial.
  • Yeast and mould loads increased once the AiroFresh unit was removed. High baseline was also confirmed in other maturation rooms.
  • Air sampling from trials confirm a substantial reduction in white mould, therefore given further trials we would expect a similar reduction to all mould types.
  • Visually no impact to cheese at cut stage. First shelf life tested 12/6/2017

Air plates total Yeast & Mould

Further points

  • Results show a 80% reduction in airborne yeast and mould spores.
  • Deactivation of the AiroFresh units resulted in yeast and mould levels returning to baseline.
  • Baseline was measured @ 500 CFU (Colony Forming Units).
  • Based on the results of the preliminary trials I would recommend an investment into AiroFresh technology.


Comparing cheeses cut before packaging clearly shows AiroFresh has no detrimental effect to the product quality and or taste after being stored with AiroFresh for five weeks.